Quickstart Installation Guides


These quickstart guides will provide you with simple instructions on how to install Icinga from source and have it monitoring your local machine within 20 to 30 minutes. Advanced installation options and configuration are discussed elsewhere.

Links to configuration tools and other addons can be found here.

Besides, a new quick install guide for using the IDOUtils of Icinga is also available enabling you to use an RDBMS based on MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL, respectively.


Quickstart installation guides are currently available for various Linux distributions (most common Fedora, Ubuntu, openSuSE). Because some distributions are similar you may succeed to use these instructions for RedHat, CentOS, Debian and SLES as well. Marcel Hecko provided a quickstart quide for FreeBSD.

[Note] Note

Please note that sometimes names of packages change between different versions of the same OS so if you don't find the packages mentioned it might be a good idea to use your favourite search engine to find out the correct name.

The Quickstart guide for Linux and Quickstart guide for FreeBSD, resp., provide you with instructions on how to install Icinga, basic plugins to check several things and the classical GUI accessible through your web browser. The look and feel is quite similar to Nagios although the GUI offers some enhancements (extended CSV export, submit commands for a group of objects, etc.). There is no database involved and all information is stored in flat files. Icinga-Web is not available in this setup.

Using the Quickstart guide including IDOUtils and Quickstart guide including IDOUtils on FreeBSD, resp., you will get the things mentioned above plus a database (using MySQL, Oracle, or PostgreSQL) to store current and historical information. The database is not used to enable configuration via a web interface. There are several addons specialised on this and there are no plans for a builtin tool. The new web interface can be installed when you use this setup. There are separate instructions on how to do this after you installed Icinga and IDOUtils.

If you are installing Icinga on an operating system or Linux distribution that isn't listed above, read Quickstart guide for Linux for an overview on what you'll need to do.

Command names, paths, etc. vary widely across different Operating Systems/Distributions, so you'll likely need to tweak the installation docs a bit to work for your particular case.