What's new

This section will be filled with some more detailed information soon. Just have look at the changelog:


0.9.1-alpha -16/12/2009

* Updated install-fromscratch.txt: Apache settings ...

* Removed the yui top menu and implemented top nav with ExtJ

* Removed yui

* Removed unused libraries (gc-prettify, jquery, firebug-lite)

* Cherry-picked Hendriks makefile changes

* Changed installer toolkit to make basic installs

* Installer fixes: paths and permissions

* Added explicit bin owner for webfiles

* Added rabbit dropping script to clear temp and bak files

* Added deflate to htaccess

* Fixed guest users for the menuextender (adding items before admin submenu)

* Commands should work (Templates, Ajax proc, command factory, auth, ...)

* Changing API result keys to uppercase

* Opera array type fixes (notification baloon)

* Added AC macro to detect the web user

* Global xml replacements within the templates (view proc)

* Updating ExtJS to 3.0.3

* Removed php notice warnings (isset, undef vars)

* Fixed make error (#206)

0.9.0-alpha -28/10/2009

* This is the initial release, prototyping, testing, think about features


1.0 Stable - 16/12/2009

* core: create webserver conf.d dir if not existing

* core: output the correct config parameter name on error message

* core: run dos2unix on spec file

* core: check /proc/$pid instead of lock file while waiting for shutdown

* core: fix cgi/config.c typo

* core: fix typo in cgi/cmd.c

* core: applied nagios patches after 3.2.0

* idoutils: change default data_processing_options in idomod.cfg

* idoutils: fix missing query arguments in servicecheck query

* idoutils: fix thisversion and perl path generation in db install scripts

* idoutils: change db README to docs.icinga.org

* idoutils: fix wrong debug output in db_hello()

* idoutils: fix save custom variables segfault caused by wrong char*

* idoutils: fix duplicate rows in table servicecheck

* idoutils: fix duplicate rows in table systemcommands, timedevents, timedeventqueue (missing unique keys)

* idoutils: add upgrade path/sql queries for unique key failure - check the docs for upgrading information

* idoutils: Oracle improvents:

* add prepared statements for most called queries

- hoststatus

- servicestatus

- hostchecks

- servicechecks

- timedevents

- contact_notificationcommands

- programstatus

* modify data[] to get unixtimestamps only

* rewrite prepared statement queries to use SELECT unixts2date(unixtimestamp) FROM DUAL

* allow rebinding of params in prepared statement for multi execution

* prepared statement at db init

* bind params the correct way

* execute binded statement query instead of plain MERGE statement

* code is now the same as NDOUtils Oracle, but with

- better code base (current NDOUtils code)

- long_output

- SSL support

- better library: ocilib instead of own driver

- more prepared statements/bind param queries

* split code into ocilib OR libdbi

* --enable-oracle during configure decides which rdbm lib will be used

1.0 RC - 28.10.2009

* idoutils: add Oracle support with oclilib

* idoutils: add ssl support

* idoutils: add configure --enable-oracle

* idoutils: add configure --enable-ssl

* idoutils: add configure -with-ocilib-lib/inc for ocilib detection

* idoutils: add oracle support to ido2db.cfg

* idoutils: add ocilib runtime version check

* idoutils: add ocilib linked at runtime (prevents setting of $ORACLE_HOME during configure)

* idoutils: add ocilib hack to temp #undef CONFIG_H during compiling

* idoutils: add #define USE_ORACLE set by --enable-oracle

* idoutils: add #ifndef USE_ORACLE #else #endif to get code compatible with libdbi

* idoutils: add ocilib connection, statement, resultset

* idoutils: add ocilib execute statement, commit (no autocommit since we want to use the pros of Oracle!)

* idoutils: add ocilib insert id for sequence handling

* idoutils: add ocilib free statement to match with sequences

* idoutils: add oracle sysdate instead of NOW()

* idoutils: add long_output to oracle.sql - introduce clob (Character Large Object)

* idoutils: add even more debugoutput for Oracle

* idoutils: modify configure to use OCI_CHARSET_ANSI

* idoutils: modify configure to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for ido2db init script

* idoutils: modify formatting to get more readable

* idoutils: fix typecast bug - unsigned long is bigger then int

* idoutils: fix Oracle notif_timeperiod_object_id (30 chars max)

* idoutils: fix Oracle table serviceescalationcontactgroups (30 chars max)

* idoutils: fix hoststatus/servicestatus/servicecheck unique constraint updating mismatch

* idoutils: fix insert_or_update queries where update violates unique constraint

* idoutils: remove and ignore oracle table_prefix (30 chars max)

* idoutils: workaround to handle more than 4k data which may exceed service outputs incl. long perf_data

* core init: delete 'su' usage since all previously su touched files were created by the icinga user

* idoutils: fix unescape bug during tabstops

* idoutils: fix idomod/icinga segfault while try to use ssl on unix sockets

* core configure: set INIT_OPTS depending on detected host OS (no more root:root on FreeBSD?)

* core spec: added new spec file

* idoutils: fix case insensitive comparison in MySQL using BINARY

* idoutils: change ido2db.cfg: ndo2db_[user|group] to ido2db_[user|group]

* core web: fix missing gif icon copy

0.8.4 - 16/09/2009

* idoutils: fix failure_prediction_options in tables hosts, services for postgres

* idoutils: add configure support for manual libdbi detection

* idoutils: fix typo laste_state (wrong column)

* idoutils: fix buffer freeing with NAGIOS_SIZEOF_ARRAY

* idoutils: delete old mysql files coming from ndoutils

* idoutils: add new versionhandling, idomod/ido2db now shows version of Icinga core

* idoutils: rename existing mysql/pgsql files, added upgrade/fix files

* idoutils: fix wrong typecast in servicestatusdata_add, no more segfault while query preparing

* idoutils: add experimental db trimming interval option in ido2db.cfg

* core: fix wrong copyright url for Ethan

0.8.3 - 09/02/2009

* idoutils: add PostgreSQL support

* new Icinga documentation in docbook and html format

* fetch current Nagios patches

* fix support links after make

* idoutils: add note if install desired but not enabled

* idoutils: fix installing of rc.ido2db in make install-idoutils

* idoutils: add db/pgsql.sql, adapted table scheme for postgresql

* idoutils: add time conversion functions for postgresql

* idoutils: add try update, if affected rows=0, then insert queries for postgresql

* idoutils: modify insert queries, normalized to sql-standard

* idoutils: add insert-or-update functions in dbqueries.c, prepared for more rdbms

* idoutils: modify insert-or-update queries, build data array for functions

* idoutils: fix string escaping for postgresql

* idoutils: fix last insert id for postgresql - needs defined sequence id for table

* idoutils: modify command_line in commands table to varchar(1024)

* idoutils: add more debug output

* idoutils: Support 8192 chars of perfdata

0.8.2 - 08/12/2009

* create a new basic ido2db init script

* idoutils: fix child signal handling in ido2db

* idoutils: fix escaping of customvars before insert

* idoutils: fix in buggy rotate command execution

* idoutils: fix fmt specifier in ndo2db_daemonize() error

* idoutils: added long_output support to IDOUtils

* idoutils: Fix for not retrying read on 'EAGAIN' and 'EINTR' soft errors (Opsera Ltd)

* idoutils: Allow externalcommands table to be trimmed with a specific time limit (Opsera Ltd)

* icinga-api added: The search function now uses the icinga-api submodule

* various minor changes

0.8.1 - 06/17/2009

* Archived Logfiles renamed from Icinga-date-syntax.log => icinga-date-syntax.log (capital 'i')

* cherry picked latest Nagios Patches (see Nagios Changelog below)

* new ido2db command switch: '-f' don't daemonize the ido2db

* ido2db will now prints out available database drivers

* fix ido2db segfault when try to access non existing tables

* DocBook v5 conversion

* Fix menu frameset cols width

0.8 - 05/19/2009

* Almost biggest deal to rename the components

* including IDOUtils (former NDOUtils) into the core code, updating configure & make to get in touch with it

* changed database handling in IDOUtils from native database support to libdbi (libdbi.sourceforge.net) as a abstraction layer, enable compile try with "configure --enable-idoutils"

* Included a new stylesheet/icon theme based on Vautour Style. Vautour Style have been created by Yoann LAMY.

The menu of Vautour Style use the javascript framework MooTools (http://mootools.net/). The icons of Vautour Style use "Silk icon set" (http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/) created by Mark James.

"Silk icon set" is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 License (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5/).